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Hot Enamel A,B,C.

Handout enameling for the Beginning and advanced enamel hobbyist

Workshop enameling


Enamel kiln
Take a workshop.
In one day, on a copper figure on your choice you’re enameling a piece of glass with wonderful colors.
Guaranteed you have that day an exciting experience and goes home with your own unique jewel.
The workshop takes

6 hour.

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Correct mistakes

Friday, August 1, 2008

Correct mistakes

Learn always from your failures.

Sometimes you get an wonderful art piece out of the kiln.
You worked a long time to get this done.
When the art piece is cooling down and the bright full colors appear, then suddenly, you hear a high tone.
That is the sound of breaking glass!!!
I hate that sound
When you are a lot of failures richer, then the glory is sky high when I art piece is completed.
Like in many other kind of hobbies, failures are close to success.
Below some problems with enameling and what to do.


The enamel bubbles.

This is caused due the fact that there is moisture left in the enamel after the wet pack or the enamel powder is damp.
The enamel start to boil in the Kiln and cannot escape.
Let the enamel dry before you shove it in the kiln.


The enamel cracks or pops of from the copper.

There is too much tension on the glass surface.
This is caused by the different kinds of enamel used on a piece,
This does not happen when the copper pieces are large and / or thick.
When using different kind of enamels on 1 piece, then the tension between the copper under layer and the glass are too big.
Apply the backside with counter enamel to prevent this.


Black edges.

The enamel is applied to thin.
This happens with the red colors sooner then others.
Apply a second layer.
When the edges become to thick, the sand the edges first with a sand stone.


Holes or the enamel flowed away from the edges.

The copper is not degreased properly.
Sand it again and apply the enamel on the blank spots.
If not succeeded the next time then, put it in a bag, take a hammer and hammer the enamel away from the copper.
Start again.


Little holes in the enamel.

The enamel is burned to long.
Apply a thin layer of enamel and burn it again.


Till so far this  Enamel, A,B,C.

Stay tuned on this pages.
There will be coming more and more.
However, the starter has enough knowledge to make jewelry now.

Happy enameling, Ton Hermes

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