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Hot Enamel A,B,C.

Handout enameling for the Beginning and advanced enamel hobbyist

Workshop enameling


Enamel kiln
Take a workshop.
In one day, on a copper figure on your choice you’re enameling a piece of glass with wonderful colors.
Guaranteed you have that day an exciting experience and goes home with your own unique jewel.
The workshop takes

6 hour.

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Safety with enameling

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Safety with enameling

Safety precautions with enameling.

Enamel into kiln

Enamel into kiln

I want to make nobody scared to do the enameling, however to start without any preparation is a little bit dumb.
Enamel powder

Enamel is made of all kind of hazard material.
So you can count on, that it is not healthy to breath it.
Enamel powder must be dry before it goes burn into the kiln.
So dust while working with the powders is all around you.
The Kiln

The kin is a hazard source itself. You can easily burn your hands while working with it.
However, the heat source is dangerous by itself.
Radiation from the kiln is damaging your eyes by the infra red radiation.
Blood vessels in your eyes are expanding trough this infrared radiation.
It can damage your eyes.
So, do not watch too much in the kiln.
Keep distance while not working with the kiln.
Better is to wear some special sunglasses.

Do not eat or drink while working. Make sure there is enough ventilation.
If you work often with enamel powders then it is wise to wear a dust mask.
Watch out for the heat of the kiln, your fingers will be burned quickly.
Do not look too much into the oven, there is a lot of infrared radiation, and that is very unhealthy for your eyes.
Place the kiln in such a way that, while working, the oven is behind your back. The infrared radiation can penetrate your eyes from sideways easy.

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