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Enamel Golden Tulip

Enamel Golden Tulip

Enamel Golden Tulip

Make your own enamel tableu

Author: WebMaster/Thursday, February 20, 2014/Categories: Worksheets

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Enamel Golden Tulip 02

Enamel Golden Tulip 02

Little however precious is my EFCO 110 kiln.
You do not have to own a “big” kiln in order to make “big” art.
I show you this in this worksheet.
The idea came into my mind when I was thinking how to make a larger piece of art.
This little one can make big art.
To get this art piece done you have to reserve a few days.

I start to make a design
It will be exist out of 6 copper tiles of 5x5cm.
It will have an inlay with copper cloisonné wire and fine silver foil.
The tulip will be filled with transparent old gold and the green parts of the tulip with transparent grass green

Enamel Golden Tulip 03

Enamel Golden Tulip 03

The material list needed to make this art piece:

K0405 Copper square 5x5 cm.
KC0370 Copper cloisonné wire 1x1, 5mmxL2, 5m.
PT0480 Enamel powder transparent old gold.
PT0482 Enamel powder transparent grass green.
P0149 Enamel powder Kings blue
Z0133 Fine silver foil

With the aid of a plastic hammer I bend the edges of the copper tiles.
Here I use my vice as an anvil to do so.

Enamel Golden Tulip 04

Enamel Golden Tulip 04

Here you can see that the edge is a little bit folded.
This technique makes it possible that the copper gets more strength.

It will be prevent that the copper will be domed in the baking process.

Enamel Golden Tulip 05

Enamel Golden Tulip 05

Here all the copper parts.
The tiles are made all equal in size, 5x5cm.
The cloisonné wire dimensions are 1x0, 5mm.
The cloisonné wire will be mounted with the small edge onto the tiles.
This will give a large edge and this will cause a 3D effect.
The copper will oxide after a while.
This will give a nice copper green color.

Enamel Golden Tulip 06

Enamel Golden Tulip 06

Everything is cleaned and degreased now.
The first thing to do is backside enameling.
I sift the copper tiles very thin with a layer of counter enamel.
Enamel Golden Tulip 07

Enamel Golden Tulip 07

I apply to the front side a very thin layer of P0149 kings blue enamel powder.
This layer must be very thin because it will serve only to glue the cloisonné wire.
When you take a closer look on the picture then you will see the copper shining through the enamel powder.
Enamel Golden Tulip 08

Enamel Golden Tulip 08

Here you see all the enameled tiles.
The tiles having a very thin layer enamel.
I have not let the enamel flow out all the way.
You can see the orange peel effect.
Enamel Golden Tulip 09

Enamel Golden Tulip 09

Now I take my design and lay on top a new sheet of paper.
With a pencil a trace my design.
I get nice straight lines in this way.
Do this twice.
You need later this second template.
Enamel Golden Tulip 10

Enamel Golden Tulip 10

Template 1
With a sharp knife I cut out the whole design
At some place I left some extra paper.
This is done at the bottom of the tulip and with leafs of the tulip.
I have cut out the line in the bloom of the tulip also.
Now I place this template onto the tiles.
With a knife I cut the template where the seam of the tiles is.
You have now 6 pieces.


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Astrid Schneider

8/18/2014 2:33 PM

Wat is het goed gelukt, Ton. Echt petje af! Wij, de dames van Récré-ART-tion, zijn hier nog lang niet aan toe. We doen ons best en prutsen verder. groetjes, Frans en Astrid Schneider, France

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