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Make a Christmas ornament.

Make a Christmas ornament.

Make a Christmas ornament.

Custom made ornaments.

Author: Waterman/Tuesday, October 15, 2013/Categories: Worksheets

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It is time to make another Christmas decoration ornament
I decided to make a mushroom this year.
At the left you see the design I made.
Follow the steps and make your own ornament.
of course!, you can make another shape if you like.

I make this mushroom with thin copper sheet.

I made from paper a round to serve as a template to draw on the copper.
Now I can draw with a pencil on the copper.
Both rounds are even.
You can see where I have to cut with the scissors to make a domed shape.
By the left round I draw a couple of extension.
They will serve to clamp the bottom to the top of the mushroom head.
Make from the rectangle shaped copper sheet a stem.
Use a round piece of tool to do this.
For example the handle of a brush.
Place the stem at the centre of the under site from the mushroom head and draw a line around it.
Here you see everything cut out.
The place, where the stem will be inserted, is cut in several times.
These places will bend later to the inside.
Also you see a mounting eye.
I have made this from a piece of cloisonné wire.
The stem is again flattened.
Now you have to clean everything very good.
Everything is sanded and cleaned now.
The top and bottom are here shaped.
Just pull the two sided together and the copper sheet jumps into a domed shape.
I have cut with a scissor the centre of the bottom at several places.
Then I bend the centre inside.
Now you can slide the stem into the bottom cap.

Here you can see from the other side how it is mounted.
Everything is on place now.

It may be a little bit rough.
This gives a more natural effect.

Now we can start with enameling.
First I start with the inner side of the domed shapes.
For this I use transparent enamel powder PT0356.
You can mount the self made eye now.
With this eye you can hang this mushroom in the Christmas tree

Stab the end of the eye trough the top and bend it sideways at the inner side of the top cap.
Like you see here.
Do not be afraid if the enamel start to wrinkle and cracks as you can see here on the picture.
This will melt later together again.
The whole mushroom will be assembled now.

Put the upper side on top of the bottom.
You notice that not everything is exactly on place.
That does not matter.
Bend the tabs over the bottom cap.
This is not an easy job.
Sometimes the enamel cracks and burst.
That also comes later all good.
When the upper and under side are mounted then the stem must be placed.
When everything is done then you have the result as you can see here.
There are lots of pieces enamel cracked from the surfaces.
You can see the pieces enamel on the paper.
Again, this comes later all good.


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