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Enamel magazine

Magazine with articles and news publications about enameling

Enameling at school

Spraying enamel Glue Tuesday, December 10, 20190

Spraying enamel Glue

How to spray enamel glue.

Dusting enamel powder Sunday, July 22, 20180

Dusting enamel powder

How to dust contra enamel powder

Summary workshops 2017 Monday, January 8, 20180

Summary workshops 2017

Impression and pictures of the workshops enameling held last year.

Custom Cruiser Thursday, September 14, 20170

Custom Cruiser

This worksheet is an unusual painting. I have used all kind of materials and techniques. I made this painting for my son's 40 th birthday...
Sea live, enamel art. Monday, July 10, 20170

Sea live, enamel art.

Maria Rabaloney makes delicate fine silver jewelry combined with enamel.
Here you can see and read more about this technique.

Enamel Examples Thursday, March 16, 20170

Enamel Examples

Once a year Atelier Blinq does an enameling workshop.

Summary workshops 2016 Friday, December 30, 20160

Summary workshops 2016

Impression and pictures of the workshops enameling held this year.

"Visit" Bethje and Marc. Tuesday, August 9, 20161

"Visit" Bethje and Marc.

At the Royal Dutch navy they use an idiom like "visiting fireman". This is somebody who is curious to anothers men's...
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