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Custom Cruiser Thursday, September 14, 20170

Custom Cruiser

This worksheet is an unusual painting. I have used all kind of materials and techniques. I made this painting for my son's 40 th birthday...
Enameled box Tuesday, January 12, 20160

Enameled box

How to make an enameled box with copper or aluminum foil.
This worksheet can be applied for hot and cold enamel.

Tuscany Carnival Mask Wednesday, November 12, 20140

Tuscany Carnival Mask

This object is a combination of enamel and silver clay.
It is a big project and not ready in 1 day!

Enamel Golden Tulip Thursday, February 20, 20141

Enamel Golden Tulip

To make an enamel tile tabbleau is not an easy job. You will have to reserve for this tableau a couple of days. However, when you are done, then...
Make a Christmas ornament. Tuesday, October 15, 20130

Make a Christmas ornament.

How to make an ornament for the Christmas tree. This time a mushroom. It is a 3d object. The benefit of this mushroom is that you can see it...
Canal house Friday, November 16, 20120

Canal house

Lately I got a card with a moving annoucement in my mailbox. You can see on the picture within a glimpse that this young couple are very proud on...
Bracelet Wednesday, August 1, 20120


Make a bracelet with different colors

Rolling waves Monday, March 26, 20120

Rolling waves

Working with copper foil.

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