Monday, November 18, 2019

Enamel magazine

Magazine with articles and news publications about enameling

Hot Enamel A,B,C.

Dusting enamel powder Sunday, July 22, 20180

Dusting enamel powder

How to dust contra enamel powder

Correct mistakes Friday, August 1, 20080

Correct mistakes

Failures and what to do about that?

Washing Enamel powders Tuesday, July 15, 20080

Washing Enamel powders

Due to handling enamel powders the enamel powder can be dirty over time.
Here you can read how to clean them.

Silver (part 2) Tuesday, July 1, 20080

Silver (part 2)

Enameling on silver.

Silver (part 1) Sunday, June 15, 20080

Silver (part 1)

Enamel art pieces with silver shining.

Glue Sunday, June 1, 20080


Glue to use with enamel powder and cloisonné wire.

Cloisonné technique Thursday, May 15, 20080

Cloisonné technique

Working with Cloisonné wire on enamel.

Decoration enamel Thursday, May 1, 20080

Decoration enamel

Granules, threads, lusters, paint and other materials for the enamel hobby.

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