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Counter enamel firing rack

Counter enamel firing rack

Counter enamel firing rack

Make your own tools

Author: WebMaster/Wednesday, January 15, 2014/Categories: Publications

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Creating your own counter enamel firing rack is a not to difficult job.
You need a sturdy stainless steel firing rack and stainless steel screws with normal nuts.
The screw and nut can be bought at every home depot or general store.
The sturdy stainless steel firing rack can be bought at my web shop.
It are the articles MG017 or MG262 in the category "Materials".


Counter enamel rack 01
In this publication I make a counter enamel firing rack for small art pieces.
You can of course, mount more or less pins.

If you want a counter enamel firing rack for larger art pieces then you keep more space between the pins.

Counter enamel rack 02
Take a screw
Twist the screw with your fingers or with the aid of a screw driver in a gap of the rack
Place a nut on to this screw.

Counter enamel rack 03
Now, use a wrench, or as I do here, a socket wrench to hold the nut firm.
Twist the screw with force trough the nut.
Screw the nut all the way down till it slips.
Twisting further make no sense.
The nut is all the way down now.

Counter enamel rack 04
Take a second nut and place it on to the screw.

Counter enamel rack 05
Take the wrench or socket wrench and place it on to the nut.
Twist the screw again with force trough the nut.
The second nut has secured the first nut.
Everything is firmly mounted now.

Counter enamel rack 06
Here you see the first pin mounted.
The two nuts are neat secured.
Now the rest!

Counter enamel rack 07
When you not have the strength to work the way as mentioned above then you can try it as mentioned below.
Clamp the wrench in a vice.
In this way you have a "third"hand.

Counter enamel rack 08
Place a nut in the socket.

Counter enamel rack 09
Now you can hold the rack with one hand and twist the screw.

Counter enamel rack 10
Here the counter enamel firing rack ready for use.I have mounted 6 pins on this rack
Every pin in a row has a distance of 3 gaps from the other ones.
The rows are shifted form each other 2 gaps.
This rack is suitable for most art pieces.

You can make all kind of variation,
Longer screws or bigger gaps.
With longer screws you can use this rack to firing a bowl upside down.




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