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Custom Cruiser

Custom Cruiser

Enamel mixed media Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser Painting

Author: WebMaster/Thursday, September 14, 2017/Categories: Worksheets

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On Sunday we went all to church.
Dad behind the big steering wheel.
Mam and little brother next to Dad
Grandpa and Grandma on the second row.
My sister and I all the way in the back on the two folding chairs.
I thought these times were never ending.
(a story a lady told us when she saw this car on the parking lot)

Our son, Martijn, is in love on big American cars.
Especially the brand Oldsmobile,
On a empty parking lot at Fall Church, Virginia he of me with his brother The first driving lessons.
What's more adventurous than stepping on an eight-cylinder American pedal for the first time?
Now he own several Oldsmobile Custom Cruisers.
The first one he bought in the USA and transported this car after a journey over the good old Route 66 to the Netherlands.
He placed the pictures and stories about that on a forum.
Reading that is an adventure on its own :-)
While reading this story you get the feeling of the waggling and hearing the sound of the tires while driving an Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser mile after mile on the endless roads of the American Wild West.
Now, my son has reach the age of 40 and I decided to make a painting to celebrate this.
Af course, I had to make a very unusual painting.
After months of think about that I made this piece of art.
Browsing the pictures will tell you the story of creating this.

We went with all of us to a family reunion
For this occasion my son Martijn drove the Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser.
Grandma an Grandpa (my wife and me) were sitting on the folding chairs all the way in the back.
I looked out over the whole family on the second and first row.
It was a fantastic drive with all my kids and grandkids.
I wanted it could be like this forever.
(From the memories of Ton Hermes)


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