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Enamel Kilns

Enamel Kilns

Enamel Kilns

What kind of kiln to buy?

Author: WebMaster/Friday, January 1, 2010/Categories: Publications

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There are two important features a kiln has to meet in order to do enameling:

  • It must be enable to heat to 850 degrees
    because glass start to melt at 780 degrees
  • It must be a front loader.
    It is unsafe to get your art piece out of the kiln with a top loader, because your art piece is at the most a few minutes in the kiln.


Second hand or new?

Kiln Efco 110

Kiln Efco 110

Kilns have a long life span.
There are brands available on the second hand market that is discontinued.
There is not much what can be broken at a simple kiln.
Unfortunately, prices for second hand kilns are rising.
My first kiln was an EFCO 110 brand.
I’ am still satisfied with this so I sell this brand in my web shop.
I have worked at workshops and demonstrations with other brands, however they did not decide me to switch to another.

A new kiln has the benefit that:

  • Heating time is less.
  • The firing chamber is clean
  • An isolated door. 


Type of kilns

Kilns can be categorized in 2 types.

  • With integrated control devices.
  • Without integrated control devices.

On the right picture there is a kiln with an integrated control device.
On the top right you see a kiln without control device.

Kiln Efco 135 TH

Kiln Efco 135 TH

Compare the Advance or disadvantage of both types.

Kiln with built in control device.


  • Compact.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Easy to transport.


  • When 1 device is out of order, then the whole unit is out of order.
  • You can only use 1 size of kiln with these control devices.

Kiln with separate control devices.


  • The control devices can be used on different (sizes) kilns.


  • Not easy to transport.


I prefer the kiln without a built in control device.
I don’t mind the disadvantage of transport.
In this way it is possible to use the control devices with other kilns or and sizes.
When one of the devices is out of order, I ‘am still able to use the other devices.


Controle devices

Current controller

Curent controller

Curent controller

The current controller is equipped with a power outlet.
The power plug of the kiln must be plugged into the current controller.
The power plug of the current controller must be connected to the home power outlet.
By turning the knob on the current controller the kiln gets the right amount of power to get it on the right heat.
Every time interval the controller gives some power to the kiln.
In this way the kiln will be steady on the temperature you want.
Every brand of kiln can be operated by this current controller.


Temperature device.

Temperature device

Temperature device

The analog separate temperature device is equipped with a probe and an extension cord.
The probe must be inserted in the back of the kiln.
For this there must be a connection plug at the back of the kiln.
Together with the current controller the kiln can be adjusted exactly the temperature you want.
The temperature can be read from the device.


Combined digital current controller and temperature device.

Digital controller

Digital controller

These devices have a built in digital current controller and a digital temperature device.
You can set the temperature to a certain amount and this controller will be taking care of it.
There are controllers with 1 step of heating (enameling, silver clay) and with 3 steps (ceramic).
The probe of the temperature device has to be inserted in the back of the oven.
For this there must be a connection available.



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