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Enameled box

Enameled box

Enameled box

Ornament enameled box with knot and label

Author: WebMaster/Tuesday, January 12, 2016/Categories: Worksheets

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Enamel box of copper foil 1 of 28
To make a enameled box of enameled copper foil is not so difficult.
However, you have to work very precise

You can make this box out of aluminum foil as well.
Then you have to work with cold enamel

Start with cleaning and sanding the surface.
In this way all the wrinkles will be smooth.

Enamel box of copper foil 2 of 28
The next step is to draw the design on the surface
You can see here all the sides of the box

I made here a design for a box which has the sizes of 4x4 cm.
the side wings are 40,5cm
Enamel box of copper foil 3 of 28
Cut the patron with the aid of the scissors.
You have to cut the side wings where needed.
Enamel box of copper foil 4 of 28
Press all the lines with the aid of an enamel tool.
Press the lines on the inside.
This shall take care that all the lines will bend easy

Enamel box of copper foil 5 of 28
Enamel box of copper foil 6 of 28
Here you see the result of the pressing on the in- and outside.
Sand all the lines away.
You do not need them anymore.
In this stadium I make degrease the surface.
Later in this project it will degreased a second time.


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