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Rob Lamper art

Rob Lamper art

Rob Lamper art

Enamel art from Rob Lamper

Author: WaterMan /Tuesday, December 22, 2020/Categories: Enameling

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Enamels are designs made from milled glass powder on copper plate.
After applying the powder by means of sprinkling, painting or working with templates, it is baked in a special kiln at a temperature of around 800 degrees.
I figured out the whole process myself with trial and error.

My inspiration comes largely from my background in photography, in which I worked for about 40 years.
I prefer special lighting, poses and the color blue.
I try to suggest a strong image with as little information as possible.

Due to the small size of my oven (inner size 10x15 cm) I build most workpieces from parts, so that I still achieve an end result of a larger size.
In practice, this "handicap" has meant that I can also achieve the intended result by even omitting certain parts. 

Not everything works out as I had ment, so  sometimes I had some enameled left overs.
I clean those by bending them so enameled cracks off.
I can use those to build other art like the houses.

In short, enamelling, a wonderful technique with pitfalls and setbacks, but these can also be played creatively.

Rob Lamper


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