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Cold Enamel A,B,C.

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Cold Enamel A,B,C.


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Cold enamel A,B,C.



Combination of techniques

Cold enamel techniques on paper


Combination of thecniques
Combination of techniques
I covered here a paper mask with cold enamel.
For this I have combined several techniques and materials.
I sprayed the mask with enamel glue first.
Then I sprinkled a layer dark blue cold enamel.
After this I cooked this in the kitchen stove.
When it came out of the kitchen stove and cooled down then I sprayed again enamel glue over it.
First I sprinkled on one half dark blue again.
With a paper sheet I protected the other half.
Second I sprinkled the other half with light blue and again I protected the first half with a paper sheet.
The masked can be baked in the kitchen stove again.
Now, I sprinkle some cold enamel silver glitter over the mask.
With a little bit of cloisonné glue I place the aluminum round on the feather.
I have arranged them in the patron of the "Aquarius" stars.
Let the glue dry.
The mask can be baked in the kitchen stove again.

The result is a nice "Waterman" mask


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