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Frequent Asked Questions

Frequent asked questions concerning this enamel webshop

Frequent Asked Questions

Registration is not mandatory to be able to buy !

There are 3 possibilities to checkout.
These choices are on top of the checkout page.

1. Checkout as guest.
You do not have to register when using this choice.
Only the neccesary data to handle this order are collected.
You get an email with password and account in order to check the progress of your order at the order history page.

2. New account
With this choice you will be register as a registered user of watermanshop.
You get access to:
- Order history page pagina
- Wishlist page

3. Login
You can make this choice when you have registered in the past on this web.
For this you need your account an password.
When you do not know this then you can obtain these at the login screen.

How to register or login.

- Click the register link at the page upper right corner.
- Enter the requested fields in the next screen. When you have done this the site is sending you an email with a registration code.
(Ask trough the email form on the customer service page your registration code when you do not received this email).

2.Login on this site.
-Click on the "login" link at the right upper corner of the page and enter, when asked, the registration code
(you just received by email). (You can check that you have logged in when your account name is displayed in the upper right corner.)


Payment options.

At the checkout you get the following choices how to pay.
- By your own bank.
- By a PayPal account or credit card.

Bank payment
With this choice you get an email with the order you have made. On this email you can read the necessary information to do the payment trough your own Internet bank. The order will be send as soon as we received the payment.

Paypal payment
Paypal payment With this choice you will be transferred to the PayPal Website where you can pay trough your PayPal account or with credit card. You get a confirmation of payment and the order will be send.


Rent an enamel kit.

If you want to try out this hobby or you wat to do a workshop enamel, then you can rent an enamel kit.
The package can be compiled in consultation with me. In this way you can experience this hobby without making to much cost.
There is a complete kit for rent at €30 Send an email for more information.


Does this webshop has a quality mark.

No !
There are lots of quality marks to rent for a webshop.
There are so many quality marks that it is almost impossible to choose one.
All these quality marks are asking a lot of money, and that must be earned back by the price of the goods.
That is the reasons why this webshop does not has a quality mark.


What are the shipping & handling cost.

There will be, depending of the weight and destination, shipping and handling cost calculated.
You can see the S&H cost specified in the cart and before you have to pay.
Notice that copper is heavy in weight and the enamel powder must be secure packed.
If you like you can collect your order at the shop. You will save the S&H.


Are the enamel powders lead free.

All the enamel powders are lead free

How long does it take before I receive the order.

The goods are send, depending when the payment is received), between 1 and 3 days.
An average foreign transfer takes 3 work days.

Contact information.

My name is Ton Hermes

If you need some urgent assistance you can call me or send a text message at the number mentioned below.

Address correspondence and office
Patrijzenhof 32
1742 BH Schagen

Contact email address

Phone: (+031) 6 41 70 16 42

Chamber of Commerce no. 37163463
VAT no. NL082751092B01

Do you send orders to foreign countries.

Goods are shipped all over the world. Consider a possible increase in postage.
If so then you will get further information about it.


Contact at:


Feel free to contact us and find out more about pur products.

  • +31 (0)224 217 817
  • +31 (0)6 41 70 16 42
  • Ton Hermes
  • Patrijzenhof 32
  • 1742 BH Schagen
  • Netherlands
Ton Hermes, Schagen, Netherlands - Phone (+31) 6 41 70 16 42 Terms Of Use Privacy Statement
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