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Enamel A,B,C.

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Decoration enamel

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Enamel A,B,C.


Decoration enamel

Extend your enamel

There are countless materials available to use with the enameling hobby.
You can use the materials together or separate.
There are granules, glass threads, inlays and millifiori from Italy.
Copper and silver wire are available as well.
All these things gives a pleasant surprise when you use them on your art piece.


Granules are different from shape and size.
It can variations from dust to grains as big like a pea.
If you use big granules on a object and burn them a short time, then you get an attractive uneven surface.

Enamel Mushroom

Enamel mushroom

How to make the "Mushroom

  • Enamel the backside with counter enamel.
  • Sift the top with cherry red.
  • Sift the stem with golden ochre.
  • Burn for the first time.
  • Sift the cap again with cherry red.
  • Lay down some big white granules on the cherry red top.
  • Sift the stem very thick with ivory.
  • Draw, with the wipe out stick, lines trough the ivory like in the example on the right
  • Burn for a short time in the Kiln.
After firing, the dots and the ivor are not melted completely smooth, but provide a beautiful relief in the glass layers.


Glass threads.

With very thin threads of glass are a lot of variations possible.
The "Morning sun" artpiece is made with only the sifting technique.
It is difficult to arrange the threads on a wetpack surface.


Morning sun

How to make the artpiece "Morning sun".

  • Apply the backside with counter enamel.
  • Apply a first layer of sun yellow.
  • Make a template from paper, like the border between yellow and tobacco brown.
  • Hold your template above de artpiece and apply with a sifter tobacco brown.
  • Sift with the other side of the template a second layer of sun yellow.
  • Lay down a big grain red.
  • Arrange some threads like the morning sun beams.
  • Now you can burn it in the kin for 2 minutes..

Copper inlays

Another possibility is to use another piece of copper to serve as an inlay on your artpiece.
You can use the copper like it is or you can first enamel it.
If you enamel it first, then you have 2 artpieces and combine it to one.

Enamel aquarium


How to make the "Aquarium"

  • Apply the basic piece with counter enamel.
  • First I sifted a layer with sky blue and burn it in the kiln.
  • Then I sifted a second layer of sky blue.
  • Now I applied with the sifter a thick layer of oak brown on the sea horses.
  • Carefully I picked up with the aid of the hooked tweezers the sea horses and arranged them on the sky blue surface.
  • No room for mistakes here, correcting is almost impossible!
  • With the tweezers I arranged the green glass threads.
  • At last I added the transparent granules.
  • Now, very carefully, I shoved the whole into the kiln and burn it for 3 minutes.

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