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Separation Enamel

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Separation Enamel

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Separation enamel

Separation enamel is a powder to achieve special effects.
These effects makes a marbleized surface on the enamel.
Depending the chosen colors and applied technique gives this separation enamel gives the most beautifully art pieces.
Separation enamel powder is applied in a linear design over 2-3 layers of pre-fired transparent of opaque enamels and as last layer a transparent enamel.
Apply several layers with transparent or enamel layers with, as a last layer, a transparent enamel.
(Fire every layer separate.)

Then mix a little bit of powder with water.
Apply this wet separation enamel on the surface.
Use any patron you like
Burn at 725 to 750 degrees as log as your desired design
Below some examples.

Separation enamel example 1
Separation enamel example 2
Separation enamel example 3

Separation enamel example 1.
Separation enamel example 2.
Separation enamel example 3.

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