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Sifting enamel powder

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Sifting powder

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Sifting enamel powder


Tools and templates

To sift enamel powder with a sifter seems to be easy, however watch out!
The enamel powder must have the right thickness after sifting.
To transport the art piece with sifted enamel powder to the kiln is very difficult.
The enamel powder is sensitive for shocks during transport.
You can achieve wonderful results with this technique.
When you use additional tools like paper templates or a wipe out stick then the variations are countless.
You can read everything about in this chapter.

Direction how to sift enamel powder.

Take a clean sheet of paper.
Lay down a nut in the middle and on top of the nut your copper piece.
In this way the art piece is easy to lift from the surface.
When sifting enamel powder, the spills will fall on the surface of the paper and I can lift, with the aid of a hooked pair of tweezers, the artpiece from the nut to transport it to a firing rack.
In the example below it is easy to clear the ears, with the aid of a wipe out stick, from enamel powder.
The left overs of the enamel powder are going back into the jar.
In this way you do not spill your expensive enamel powder.

Take a sifter and fill it with a teaspoon enamel powder.
Hold it above the copper piece and sift the enamel powder.
Start at the edges and end with the middle.
The thickness of the enamel powder must not be thicker than the thickness of the copper piece.
You must discover which kind of powder needs to be sifted one time.
Some enamel powders must be zifted twice.
Every enamel powder gives a difference result after burning in the kiln.


Remove with wipe out stick
Apply second color

Artpiece Yogi Bear.

A artpiece can be sifted with different colors.
Use a piece of paper to hold it above the artpiece on such a way that there will be no spill on top of another color.
I used at this artpiece 2 colors.
  • First I sifted Oak brown powder .
  • Then I used a wipe out stick to remove the oak brown enamel powder from the ears, hands and feet.
  • After this I took a piece of paper and hold it above the artpiece in such a way that I could sift tobacco brown enamel powder on the ears, hands and feet.
In this way you can use many possiblities and colors to decorate an art piece.

Art piece Apple.

The "Apple" artpiece is made with the sifting technique only.

Appel sift technique
Below how to do this.:


  • The apple completely sifted with yellow green.
  • With a wipe out stick I remove the enamel powder at the stem, the leafs and the part at the right what will be red.
  • (Place the art piece now on another paper with nut and restock the excess of the enamel powder).
  • The right part sifted with cherry red powder.
  • Hold your paper template like this way that there will be no spills over the yellow green..
  • Move your template while sifting.
  • After I sifted the right part, I held my sifter above the artpiece without a template and carefully sifted some red..
  • I did the same on the left side.
  • Carefully !! before you know it is to much.
  • The leafs and stem cleaned from the spilled cherry red, when necessary.
  • Again, the art piece place on a clean sheet of paper and nut, and restocked the spilled cherry red.
  • The leafs sifted with leaf green.
  • The stem sifted with oak brown..
  • For this a took a piece of paper and with the scissors I made a large V.
  • In this way I could sifting oak brwon on the stem.
  • Now, you can burn your apple in the kiln enjoy your artpiece !

Make with a paper puncher holes in a piece of pafer.
Zift enamel powder trough the holes.
This gives supprising results.

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