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EFCO Kiln 180TH
EFCO Kiln 180TH for the enamel hobby
€ 1.565,00
EFCO 110 Enamel kiln

The kiln will be delivered with:
- Cable and plugs
- Free download of the Enamel A,B,C.
- 10% discount on a workshop enameling (Basic or Advanced)

General data
EFCO 110 - the all around heatable muffle kiln is the ideal introduction kiln.
Fast heating as well as a big sight window are other features, wich jewellery desinger appreciate.
Techniques like silver clay, porcelain painting, pottery and many more can be done.
Firing capacity approx. 900° celsius after 30 minutes.
All the enamel pieces showed on this site by me are made in this type of kiln.

Technical data
Maximum : temperature 950 ° Celcius
Watt : 230 V / 900W. 6A
Overall size : HxWxD: 210x200x250 mm
Firing chamber : HxWxD 70x120x130 mm
Net weight : ca 5.8 kgA

Available controllers
See related articles TAB.
Dimensions H 40 x L 25 x B 25 cm
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