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"Visit" Bethje and Marc.

"Visit" Bethje and Marc.

"Visit" Bethje and Marc.

"Visiting fireman" to Bethje and Marc While they perform Turbo flame enameling.

Author: WebMaster/Tuesday, August 9, 2016/Categories: Enameling

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You can imagine that a machinist down in the boilers room wants to know how it feels to hold the helm on the bridge, and that the helmsman sometimes want to throw a shovel of coal on the fire.
You are all working at same company and are interested in each others job.
Then you go as a machinist to the bridge to take a peek at hte helmman's place and the helmsman goes to the boiler room to shovel some coals!!
Sometimes it it is very busy and then there is a paper on the door of the workplace with the message "No visiting fireman".

Oplopen Bethje  Marc 8.jpg

Oplopen Bethje Marc 8.jpg

Foto by Marc
At Bethje's place Annelies and I were welcome to take a peek.
Bethje (may say so) is a Lady at age.
This markeble Lady has all kind of art aces in her sleeve.
The art ace burns very hot in her sleeve.
Bethje is still able to "play" with fire.

Marc is half in age as Bethje is.
However his performing art is the equal to Bethje's.
Bethje is inspired by Marc.
Marc is the guy who is teasing Bethje to do unexpected art performing, not commmon for a Lady on that age.
When Bethje performs art, then Marc is smiling, and another beautifull piece of art is created.
Marc knows what he is doing with Bethje. This many talented artist from Amsterdam, is a man who has a lot of "art lugage".
(take a look at his website to learn more about this artist)

Oplopen Bethje  Marc 9.jpg

Oplopen Bethje Marc 9.jpg

Foto By Marc
In this way these two friends have a lot of fun together.
It is proven by them that 1+1=3. When I was over seeing there place I saw everywere enamel art made by them with their Turbo flame enamel technique.

Marc and Bethe had prepared everything they needed to give a demonstration with turbo flame enameling.
As the icing on the cake I was invited by Bethe and Marc to do some enameling myself.
Under the proffessional guidance of Marc I was able toturbo enamel some art. 
Time was flying with them, see the film and pictures as a witness of this.

Thanks Bethje and Marc, for the realy warm welcome, the delious meal and that Annelies and I were welcome as "visiting fireman".


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1 comments on article ""Visit" Bethje and Marc."

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Bethje Muiket

8/9/2016 8:35 PM

Dank je Ton voor het plaatsen van het artikel met prachtige foto's +video

gemaakt door Annelies.

Het was een geweldig moment om jullie te mogen ontvangen en wederwaardigheden uit te wisselen ,over emailleren ..jouw kennis over poeders en een bezoek aan jouw leverancier was héél bijzonder!

Men gaat niet watertanden n.a.v emaille poeders ..maar ik had wel de neiging om het hele assortiment in drievoud aan te schaffen hoor!

En de opzet van Marc was om jou aan de vlam te zetten ... met groot plezier heb jij je eraan gewaagd ! Resultaat....Opdracht geslaagd !

Die dag was zó voorbij ,maar te weten dat het voor herhaling vatbaar is ! Daar kijken wij naar uit!

Annelies ,dank voor jouw aanwezigheid en mooie foto's+video als tastbare herinnering aan bijzondere momenten !

Lieve groet Bethje Muiket

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