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Sea live, enamel art.

Sea live, enamel art.

Enameling on fine silver by Maria Rabaloney

Author: WebMaster/Monday, July 10, 2017/Categories: Enameling

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To explore the possibility to combine enamel and silver I have made these “Sea Animals” on 1 mm fine silver sheet.

This all is made with torch firing technique. This Technique is very handy during the fact that you need to apply the heat on particular spots, for example, to apply some corrections at some places.
I have applied almost all the enamel in wet condition. The spots are made with dry enamel.
Because the jewelry is small I took some enamel with a brush and applied this by tapping the brush and let it fall down onto the surface. This is a more secure way to get the enamel placed on the right spot.

Model with the white pearl:

Sea live 1

The dark lines underneath the enamel are glued by melted bronze wires.
The dark round spots at the side of the silver lining are from melted glass beads, who are after this process are removed by breaking them of. In this way there will be left a colored round spot!
The sharp edges are covered with a clear transparent layer.

Model with the black pearl:

Sea live 4

The white dots are opaque enamel melted in a clear transparent under layer.
The dark brown dots are holes, at the side of the silver, which I have stamped with a special tool, a basse-taille-technique.
The blue lines are melted blue glass threads.


Information for the silver smith:

The large silver shapes are soldered with M-solder.
This happened not always ok. One shape loosened again and this one I have mounted this with a rivet.

The small silver dots and lines are melted onto the silver.
This is the most secure way to connect them.
You just apply enough solder solvent and heat this till the surface is melting.

The cabinets are soldered with XZ-solder. This is sufficient and they are fastened more when the enamel is applied.
The wires where I have glued the pearls onto are, the same as the eye for the chain, soldered onto the backside as last with XZ-solder (620 degrees Celsius).
Before this I drilled a hole to insert the wire for the pearl. Pay attention hold this hole open while enameling.
While doing this mounting on the backside I have turn around the art piece and clamped this between 2 solder stones to keep the enamel on the front as cool as possible.

You can see my art at


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